My Next Adventure!

This Sunday, I will drive to see Mistress Envy

She has a cellmate along with 2 outfits , a new collar , shoes with locks all waiting for me.

I am to wear 2 different outfits while taking a 10 hour drive!

One .. one way and one the other!

First I am to go as a Sissy Crossdresser ( see the photos below )

Then I am to go as a sissy! oh my!

Which bathroom shall I use at the rest stop?

( I know I have to do as told or Mistress said or ELSE! )

I am twitching and the dreams are driving me crazy!

Stay tuned!

My new cage , the cellmate , new earrings,
a slutty red dress( that zippers all the way up or down! )
Lockable heels and my boob!s

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